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On a mission to improve people’s lives through running and community.

…Through Running


Running is many times a solo endeavor… but not this race.   Rotten Apple Running is raising money to benefit Denver Children’s Home by running a 50 mile ultra marathon in July.  Every donation makes an impact!  THANK YOU in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to us.

More information about Denver Children’s Home:

We work with children ages 9 to 19 who have experienced trauma, neglect and/or abuse. We offer 24/7 residential care, a day treatment program, a therapeutic group home, and intensive in-home therapy. We also also offer an on-site school with highly-trained educators and staff. We see in every child the possibility of hope and healing.

…Through Community

Rotten Apple Runners share a passion for the sport of running and the connection it provides to people, neighborhoods, and communities.  Running enables us to stumble upon corners of our world that we might otherwise overlook. The inner city green space often passed, but never entered. The rural trail threading through old growth forests and tracing the banks of meandering rivers. Once-familiar city streets suddenly transformed by the hazy, pink-orange glow of a summer sunset. The possibilities are endless, as is our resolve. is also a unique way to get out of the house and get into nature.

Rotten Apple Running cares deeply about the mental, physical, and emotional, and perspective enhancements that running provides.  Every mile is an achievement to be thankful for and proud of.  Runners We understand the commitment that goes into and sacrifice required to set goals and working on achieve them, one inch stride at a time.

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